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Welcome to the TakeoutDelivery webpage.

Project page on Sourceforge

This is a program I developed many years ago (1993) for a local restaurant. It was originally developed as a DOS based program. In 2004 I ported it to run on FreeBSD using curses. I originally ran it on Linux, but I could not figure out how to remap the keyboard to match all the keys in DOS. It turned out to be very simple to remap the keys in FreeBSD so I just stayed with it.

Warning: I used the 4.x FreeBSD series when I developed these and I have not tried to use it with any of the newer versions, 5.x or 6.x.

I had also originally planned to create a GUI version of this program. While that may still happen someday, I am so busy with some of my other projects I have not had time to work on that.

My current plan is to integrate my New World OS / Objectify project into this project.

If you have problems, comments, etc. please contact me at j.scott.edwards.nwos@gmail.com or visit my web page at http://www.qrwsoftware.com.

Updated: 20-May-2007

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